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Quinta, 28 Fevereiro 2019 08:10 | Actualizado em Terça, 15 Junho 2021 13:00

Best performance yet from Nobuya Yamanaka as the Asian Le Mans Series concludes

After four rounds of intense racing, the 2018/19 Asian Le Mans Series concluded in Sepang, Malaysia Sunday for Nobuya Yamanaka and teammate Aidan Read with the pairings best overall performance of the series with sixth position in the LMP3 category, tenth overall.
Whilst not the best actual result achieved by the pairing, (third position in the Shanghai opening round in Shanghai) the consistency and technique displayed by Nobu and the outright pace of Aidan, combined for a mistake free performance in which the car set fastest race lap, made this race the most notable.
Once again taking the race start, the Japanese driver stuck to the task of keeping the car in touch with the leaders, and on the leading race lap, by driving to a target time of 2m08s, which he did comfortably. It was a pace which was good enough to keep him in front of most of the ‘bronze’ amateur racers who took the start and on the tail of the others. A session long battle with Neil Muston in his Ginetta LMP3 machine the most notable feature of a great opening race stint.
After briefly handing the car to Aidan, who then set fastest race lap, the Eurasia Motorsport team took advantage of the first Safety Car intervention to return Nobu to the #36 Ligier for his final run before handing back to Aidan to bring the car home.
Overall the series can be viewed as a success for Nobu who was taking his first steps into International Motorsport competition and Prototype Sportscar racing. A podium in his debut season in China, running strongly in the terrible conditions in a cold and wet Fuji Speedway in Japan and this consistent performance in Malaysia being amongst the highlights.
 “I was pleased with my race,” said Nobu. “I think our performance was good and my driving was very consistent. I had a slow start to the weekend adjusting to racing and lost some of the first day’s practice running, so really didn’t get comfortable as early as I would have wanted, but in the race, I felt good and enjoyed the competition very much.
“Looking back at the season I think things went quite well and more or less as I hoped they would,” he continued. “In Fuji particularly, when I had advantage of some home knowledge and the weather conditions could possibly have been a chance for our best result, but my performances have got faster and more consistent, which was the objective in this first international championship.”
Nobu’s focus now turns to Europe and the challenge of the European Le Mans Series which starts in April at the Paul Ricard Formula 1 venue in France. It’s a new challenge, with a new team and new teammate.

山中信哉は“Asian Le Mans Series”をこれまでの最高のパフォーマンスで締めくくった。

2018/19 Asian Le Mans Series、全4戦の激しいレースは日曜日のSepang、Malaysiaで最終戦を迎えた。山中信哉とチームメイトAidan Readのペアはシリーズで最高の総合的なパフォーマンスを見せLMP3クラス6位、総合10位を獲得しました。
再び、レーススタートを担当した日本人ドライバーは、トップ集団にくらいついて行くために気合を入れ、2分8秒の目標タイムをコンスタントに刻みながらリーダーと同ラップを走り、このペースは、Nobuを後方からスタートしたほとんどのブロンズ・アマチュアドライバーの前を走らせるには十分で、そして、Ginetta LMP3のNeil Mustonとのセッション通しての戦いは、オープニングスティントの最も注目すべき見ものでした。
Aidanにハンドルを託した後、彼はレースベストラップを記録しました。Eurasia Motorsportチームは最初のセーフティカーが導入された際のアドバンテージを活かし、チェッカーまでの走りをAidanに託す前に、Nobuを#36 Ligierに最後の走行に乗り込ませました。
Nobuは、今、ヨーロッパと4月にPaul Ricard F1サーキットでスタートするEuropean Le Mans Series挑戦に焦点を合わせました。それは、新しい挑戦で、ニューチーム、ニューチームメイトが待ち受けています。

山中 信哉 Nobuya Yamanaka


Nationality: Japanese
FIA Category: Bronze
Latest racing: Asian Le Mans Series with Eurasia Motorsport
First race: 2012
Experience: Multiple race wins and podiums
2012- 2018 Sports Proto, Suzuka
2014 - 2018 Inter Proto Series, Fuji
2018 LMP3 China Endurance Series
2018 LMP3 Asian Le Mans Series
Favourite food: Meat! beef, chicken, pork...
Away from the racetrack: Living in Atami City the famous Hot Spring area situated at the coastal side of Izu, 100km west from Tokyo. 

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