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Quinta, 17 Janeiro 2019 10:42 | Actualizado em Segunda, 21 Junho 2021 14:11

Solid Buriram sixth position for Nobuya Yamanaka in Asian Le Mans

The third round of the 2018/19 Asian Le Mans Series in Buriram, Thailand continued to show development and promise for Nobuya Yamanaka as a trouble-free run alongside teammate Aidan Read netted the pair sixth position in what was arguably Nobuya‘s best driving performance of the season.
The Eurasia Motorsport entered LMP3 prototype of Yamanaka/Read had topped the timesheets throughout most of practice as the pairing worked on a good car setup for the race, opting in qualifying to save tyres for the race over an outright lap time, which would see Nobuya line up P6 on the grid for the start of the 4-hour race.
Another clean start for the Japanese in temperatures of 34 degrees saw Nobu running well in the pack largely maintaining the pace set down as the target by the team to keep the car in contention for later in the race and after a hot but trouble-free stint of over 1 hour and ten minutes in the car Nobu brought the car in to handover to Read.
Read then got to work building on Nobu‘s efforts to bring the car up through the field for the next hour bringing the car back into the pits in fourth position for Nobu to re-join the race for his final short 20-minute run to complete the minimum ‘Bronze rated’ driver drive time.
It was now that the benefit of saving tyres in qualifying bore fruit as Nobu was able to show his best pace to date setting a very credible 1.33 second lap just over two seconds away from the fastest lap of the race overall and extremely competitive in comparison to his fellow amateur drivers, which considering Nobu’s relative inexperience at this level bodes well for the future in the Asian Series and beyond.
With Read pushing in the car to the chequered flag, the pair were satisfied and took comfort from much of what had been achieved over the weekend.
 “I am quite pleased with my performance this weekend,” said Yamanaka after the race. “I always think I can and should do better and will keep trying hard to do so, I am pleased with my fastest lap but would like to be more consistent to bring my overall stint time down a bit next time in Sepang. Aidan drove a very strong and clean race and I would like to compliment him on that.”
The final round of the Asian Le Mans series takes place at the Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 22nd-24th February 2019.


2018/2019アジア・ルマンシリーズ第3戦ブリラム大会(タイ)、山中信哉は進化と期待させるトラブルフリーの走りを見せ、チームメイトのAidan Readと共に6位入賞を手に入れました。これはNobuの今シーズン最高の走りであったことは間違いないでしょう。
Eurasia  Motorsportsエントリーの山中/ReadのLMP3プロトタイプカーは、レースに向けたセットアップを試しながらの走行で、プラクティスのほとんどを通しタイムシートのトップでした。そして、予選は絶対的なタイムを狙わず、レースに向けて新品タイヤを残すことを選択し、Nobuは4時間レースを6位の位置からスタートすることになりました。
「今週末の自身のパフォーマンスにとても満足しています( レース後の山中のコメント)。 常に出来ると思っているが、より良い走りをするためにこれからも一生懸命に努力し続けます。自分のファーステスト・ラップに満足していますが、次のSepangでは自分のスティントを通してもっと安定し、少し速いタイムで走れるようにしたい。」「エイダンは非常に強くてきれいなドライブでレースを戦いました。それについて彼を称賛したいと思います。」


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