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Quinta, 29 Novembro 2018 06:07 | Actualizado em Sexta, 11 Junho 2021 23:08

Dream debut for Nobuya Yamanaka with Shanghai Asian Le Mans podium 

Nobuya Yamanaka, ably assisted by his teammate Aidan Read took a welcome and hard-earned podium finish in the LMP3 category of the opening round of the Asian Le Mans Series in Shanghai, China today (25 November).
Driving the #36 Eurasia Motorsport prepared Ligier on his debut, the Japanese driver built through the weekend’s practice sessions to a competitive pace compared to his fellow bronze rated amateur competitors that bodes well for the pairing with Aidan for the remainder of the four-race series.
Read qualified the car in fifth and Nobu took the driving duties at the start of the race, doing a solid job - whilst steering clear of trouble - to remain in contention for the handover point after his mandatory 90-minutes of racing was complete.
Aidan took best advantage of the opportunity and working with a well-prepared car and good strategy elevated the car to a fine third at the chequered flag, despite a late stop and go penalty for a full course yellow flag infringement which could have seen the pairing finish in second on their debut.
“To be honest, the level of competition was intense,” said Nobu. “The start was chaos, with people passing me even before the start line, so they got the jump on me – perhaps unfairly – so for me it was a case of keeping calm and making sure the car was in good condition for later in the race for Aidan; that was my main focus.
“I’m happy with my stint as I gained a couple of seconds over the weekend and my pace was reasonable compared to the other gentlemen drivers, so for me it’s step by step in part of the bigger picture,” Nobu continued. “I am very happy to have helped achieve a podium position in our first race together in Asian Le Mans.
The series now moves on to Nobu’s home track, Fuji Speedway in Japan 7-9 December where the team and Nobu should be increasingly competitive and be looking to build on the great start to the series.


山中信哉(Nobu)は、11月25日に開催されたアジア・ルマンシリーズ第1戦上海大会において、チームメイトのAidan Readの巧みなアシストで、苦労して、そして嬉しい表彰台フィニッシュを達成しました。
NobuはEurasia Motorsportsの#36Ligierでデビューし、ペアを組むAidan とともに4レースで構成されるシリーズの良い兆しとなる競走力のある走りを、レース週の練習走行を通してライバルであるブロンズクラスのアマチュアドライバー達に見せてきました。


山中 信哉 Nobuya Yamanaka


Nationality: Japanese
FIA Category: Bronze
Latest racing: Inter Proto Series, leading the Expert Class with two races remaining.
First race: 2012
Experience: Multiple race wins and podiums
2012- 2018 Sports Proto, Suzuka
2014 - 2018 Inter Proto Series, Fuji
2018 LMP3 China Endurance Series
Favourite food: Meat! beef, chicken, pork...
Away from the racetrack: Living in Atami City the famous Hot Spring area situated at the coastal side of Izu, 100km west from Tokyo. 

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