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Quarta, 04 Dezembro 2019 21:32 | Actualizado em Domingo, 27 Setembro 2020 11:38

Customized Thermoelectric Modules


P&N Europe - Thermoelectric Modules

 Peltier technology is the topic if certain components are to be maintained at an exact temperature. Standard sizes are common, but mostly not optimal. Individual sizes are therefore the answer to a lot of customer problems. In close cooperation with the specialists at P&N-Europe, customized, project-oriented and ready-to-connect Thermoelectric Modules (TEM) are created for series production. The customer can choose from various options such as extended lead wires or connectors. As a special feature there are also TEM available witch are connected to an array. P&N Europe distinguishes itself as a cooperation partner with its Peltier elements through the use of alternative ceramics in special geometric shapes or specially adapted packaging. The company is a professional partner for customer-specific solutions and creates additional added value through individually adapted framework agreements.

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