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Segunda, 13 Maio 2019 04:07 | Actualizado em Sexta, 18 Setembro 2020 04:17

VIDEO RELEASE: F-gases don’t stand a chance with us!

eChiller: Cooling with Water as a Refrigerant (R718)

Firmenlogo "Efficient Energy GmbH (Feldkirchen)"

 „Tim, Felix and Sarah are looking for the optimal solution for their refrigeration applications. Legal requirements for refrigerants and energy efficiency are increasing globally in a push to promote climate protection. This situation is creating some major headaches for Tim, Felix and Sarah.“

That’s the opener of the new video released by Efficient Energy GmbH in which the three protagonists search for a future-proof alternative to conventional refrigeration solutions.

But WATCH THE VIDEO and see yourself.

The HVAC&R sector is known for its conservatism and inertia. But today more than ever the industry would have to wake up and draw the consequences from legal requirements such as the F-gas regulation. Many actors still seem to be misinformed or at least surprised that the regulation in force since 1.1.2015 is actually implemented.

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