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Sexta, 05 Abril 2019 09:22 | Actualizado em Segunda, 03 Agosto 2020 05:36

Dehumidifier sets new standards



) P&N Europe GmbH introduces the new fully automatic dehumidifier for switching cabinets, control panels and further more applications.

The dehumidifier reliably protects against unwanted humidity and condensation inside those housings.

The device works as a plug&play solution.

Simple DIN rail mounting and DC supply voltage make it possible.

The dimensions are 125 mm x 66 mm with 3.5 TE width and a weight of 320 g.

Included in delivery is the matching connector and a silicone hose with 1 m length to the to dissipate collected moisture.

The special feature is that depending on the humidity, the device switches on and off fully automatically.

The dehumidifier is characterized by a dehumidification capacity of up to 250ml / 24h with a low power consumption.

The device is available for operating voltages of 12 V DC and 24 V DC.

Further information, advice and sales by P&N Europe GmbH.

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