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Sexta, 29 Novembro 2019 19:25 | Actualizado em Sábado, 19 Setembro 2020 00:31

The car that communicates with traffic lights

A project sponsored by SEAT, the Spanish Traffic Authority (DGT), the Barcelona City Council and ETRA (Electronic Trafic) connects vehicles with traffic lights and information panels via the DGT 3.0 platform
Drivers receive an advance alert on the status of upcoming traffic lights so they can adapt their speed accordingly
Traffic information will appear in real time on screens in cars
What colour will the next traffic light be if I continue to drive at this speed? The answer to this question no longer depends on driver intuition, but rather on technology. A project led by SEAT, in collaboration with the Spanish Traffic Authority, the Barcelona City Council and ETRA successfully connects vehicles with traffic lights and the traffic control centre so drivers can anticipate their upcoming status. This project also enables information on motorway incidents to get sent directly to vehicles without the need for information panels, bringing cars and infrastructure together via the cloud using cellular technology with latency times of 300 milliseconds.

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