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Sábado, 23 Novembro 2019 06:37 | Actualizado em Quarta, 12 Agosto 2020 14:32

Telemeter Electronic offers new RF filter


Firmenlogo "Telemeter Europe"

( Following the successful market launch of its electromechanical RF switches (TEleRel), Telemeter Electronic has added Telemeter filters to its range of branded products. You are going to find the new, high-quality filter range under the brand name "TElePur". You benefit in particular from the extensive range of Telemeter Electronic filters. This range includes high, low, bandpass and band-stop filters up to 40 GHz, as well as switchable filter banks and fixed filter banks. The family-owned company presents numerous solutions for radar and broadcasting applications, as well as military applications and mobile communication. The assortment will be completed by adjustable filters, power filters, duplexers, triplexers and multiplexers. All filters are strictly quality controlled to provide 100% reliable solutions. [...]

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