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Sexta, 25 Outubro 2019 19:37 | Actualizado em Quinta, 06 Agosto 2020 12:28

Safety at a "high" level: Just don't topple!


Safety at a "high" level: Just don't topple!

 Overheights with dangerously high centre of gravity, overwidths, overlengths and a weight of more than 200t. Apart from the experience of the logistics company, this type of challenging transport above all requires excellent know-how and leading load securing technology. So it is no wonder that RUD has been selected as a partner for this thick and 16m-high part.

On its way to an Italian refinery, numerous obstacles had to be overcome by this boiler. If the high centre of gravity is driven over a lateral road incline of just seven percent, immense forces were applied to the RUD lashing components, which were also mastered perfectly, ever in the narrowest shunting manoeuvres. This project again shows the importance of having secure transports, a reliable service partner and leading lashing technology manufacturers like RUD on board. [...]

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