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Quinta, 24 Outubro 2019 10:14 | Actualizado em Segunda, 10 Agosto 2020 22:58

More informative, clearer, more modern – BlueID launches its new website


BlueID neue Website

 BlueID’s cloud-based access control platform turns smartphones into highly secure digital keys, allowing a fast, simple and convenient entry access as well as authentication and authorisation of Internet of Things (IoT) objects. To better illustrate the diverse possibilities offered by BlueID and to ease information access for prospects, BlueID GmbH has now launched a new, more modern website with a completely redesigned structure.

“After having focused on enhancing the performance and features of our products, it is now time to update our website to reflect the growing range of integrated locks and readers from our hardware partners, which highlights the customer value that BlueID delivers”, explains Alexandra Almeida de Figueiredo, Product Marketing Manager at BlueID.

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