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Quarta, 23 Outubro 2019 10:19 | Actualizado em Sexta, 07 Agosto 2020 19:35

Digital talent

What are the professions of the future?

  • Half of all current jobs will no longer exist in 25 years, while new professions are gaining ground
  • Data is the new oil and therefore every company is looking for data scientists, architects and engineers
  • Attracting talent is a major challenge for businesses, as every sector is competing for the same profiles


Technological innovation has led to an unprecedented disruption that is transforming the working world. According to a report by Oxford University, 47% of today's jobs are going to disappear in the next 25 years. But at the same time new opportunities are arising. Digitalisation is setting the pace of the present and the future with new job profiles that are essential so that companies can tackle the challenges of the digital era and Industry 4.0. The following are the most widely sought after.


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