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Domingo, 13 Outubro 2019 06:08 | Actualizado em Terça, 29 Setembro 2020 00:22

The connected vehicle

Oak trees, creeks and the Internet of Things

  • The IoT (Internet of Things) and the connected car reach rural areas thanks to a drone and offer predictive information to drivers in areas of poor visibility or that are difficult to access
  • In 5 milliseconds the driver of a connected vehicle will know if there is an obstacle on the road and can prepare to take action
  • With the future implementation of 5G technology at the wheel, the risk of accidents can be reduced by 69%


Robledillo de la Jara is a village with 90 inhabitants located 80 kilometres from Madrid in the mountains surrounding the capital. Its landscape is made up of oak and pine trees, golden eagles, and of recently…drones and IoT technology. SEAT, Telefónica, DGT, Ficosa and Aeorum have rolled out a pilot project featuring a drone and a connected car that can detect cyclists and obstacles on the road. The feature needed to carry out this project included cellular mobile connectivity with the primary characteristics of the future 5G network, and the aim is to provide drivers with a "sixth sense" so they can prevent accidents.


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