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Quarta, 25 Setembro 2019 19:36 | Actualizado em Quarta, 12 Agosto 2020 02:10

Component check: the perfect position for top quality cleaning

Libelle Product Control from BvL detects position deviations

The NiagaraDFS basket washing system from BvL, for example, offers optimum integration options for Libelle Product Control

 With a new product from the intelligent cleaning portfolio, BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH offers new options for component control: Libelle Product Control generates photographs and stores these for various applications. Initially, the “Position Monitoring” application monitors the feeding and alignment of the components to be cleaned. The new product will be presented for the first time at Parts2Clean in October.

Reliable, thorough parts cleaning plays a crucial role in production processes across all industries. The more precisely the nozzles are directed at the component to be cleaned, the more efficient cleaning is possible. Precise loading of the workpiece holders is particularly important for components with complex geometries. Even undercuts, edges and very small holes then no longer impede thorough cleaning. [...]

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