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Sexta, 20 Setembro 2019 13:35 | Actualizado em Domingo, 02 Agosto 2020 02:14

'Turkish' signature to dark factories of Europe


Firmenlogo "Tezmaksan"

 Tezmaksan, Turkey representative of German Röders company and Mitsubishi Germany, attends EMO Hannover Fair with two new products that are designed and produced by themselves. Cubebox product, which will be promoted for the first time at the fair, allows factories to work without an operator for 24 hours. Kapasitematik ensures machines to talk with operators for 7 days 24 hours and gives permission for intervention from any place with an internet connection. First distributorship agreements regarding two products are expected to be made during the fair.

Tezmaksan, who worked as distributor of Röders, a German brand, for many years, while acting as the representative of Germany Mitsubishi Electric at the same time for many years, will attend EMO Hannover Fair with its new products that are designed and developed by themselves called Cubebox and Kapasitematik in order to increase production efficiency.

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