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Quarta, 18 Setembro 2019 20:55 | Actualizado em Terça, 11 Agosto 2020 09:08

20th Anniversary

A Leon on the Trans-Siberian railway

  • On its 20th anniversary, and with the fourth generation about to be presented, more than two million units of the SEAT compact have been sold since 1999
  • Placed in a straight line, they would stretch for more than 9,000 kilometres, the same distance covered by the legendary Trans-Siberian train
  • The growth and internationalisation experienced by the Leon is similar to what SEAT has witnessed in the past two decades
  • Sales of this model have doubled in Germany, which is now its leading market


From Moscow to Vladivostok.  A distance of over 9,000 kilometres spanned by the legendary Trans-Siberian train. The same distance that the more than two million units sold to date of the SEAT Leon would stretch if they were placed in a straight line. With the fourth generation about to be launched, we look back at the evolution of one of the company's main pillars.


The takeoff of a model and a brand: not only has the Leon exceeded the two million units sold mark, but it has been achieved with constant growth over its three generations. The current one (which began in 2012 and is still on the market) accounts for more than one million units sold, or twice as many as the first generation (launched in 1999 and a total of 534,797 vehicles), and a third more than the second generation (which began in 2005 and sold 675,915 cars).


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