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Segunda, 09 Setembro 2019 09:37 | Actualizado em Domingo, 02 Agosto 2020 04:34

Ceramic Pump for liquid Aluminum (800°C)
Pumping without Wear

This has our ceramics:
Even in the pump industry, high-performance ceramics are becoming more and more popular.
Especially with difficult-to-control media, such as liquid aluminum, the ceramic pump can exploit their advantages. The pump is completely made of ceramic and contains no foreign materials. Thus, refractory linings of any metal pipes are superfluous.
The melt-carrying parts are individually heated. Due to the special arrangement, the heating conductors have no direct contact with the hot media. The pump system can thus be tempered before immersion in the melt. Since the drive unit is completely decoupled from thermal influences by a specially developed concept, damage to the motor and the electronics is not to be expected. The pump is infinitely variable and can be operated as required within the scope of its operating range. [...]

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