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Quarta, 21 Agosto 2019 10:24 | Actualizado em Quarta, 12 Agosto 2020 23:22

Every colour of the rainbow

  • White is the most widely chosen colour for cars worldwide, followed by black and grey
  • In India there are hardly any black vehicles, while the colour red is a big favourite in Mediterranean countries
  • Climate, personal taste and superstitions influence colour choices



The automotive sector is experiencing a constant revolution that goes from electric mobility to digitalisation, but there is still a special moment at the time of buying a vehicle that has not changed - when people choose the colour of their future car. But what lies behind a choice that thousands of customers make every day all over the world?


White tops the list: according to data by Axalta Coating Systems it is the most popular colour in the world. 39% of car owners prefer this colour, which tops the list for the seventh consecutive year. Their figures are in line with SEAT's, whose customers widely prefer the c

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