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Quinta, 15 Agosto 2019 09:17 | Actualizado em Quarta, 05 Agosto 2020 19:42

The collaborative robot that gives SEAT cars their name

  • The Martorell factory successfully installs two “cobots” that attach the lettering to the Ibiza and Arona models as they move down the assembly line
  • This type of robots perform operations in motion alongside the assembly workers
  • They are equipped with a system of artificial vision to accurately place the correct letters, applying the necessary pressure and adapting to the speed of the line


As part of its commitment to creating a factory that is smart, digitalised and connected, the SEAT Martorell plant has successfully implemented two unique collaborative robots. They work at the beginning of the assembly line and are responsible for attaching the names of the SEAT Ibiza and Arona on the rear hatches as they make their way down the line, with no delay to the process and sharing space with the factory personnel.


The two collaborative robots, one on each side of the line, attach two kinds of lettering – the one on the left side of the cars selects the name Ibiza or Arona according to the model coming down the line, while the one on the right side places the FR badge on the corresponding versions. Both robots are equipped with a mechanical hand designed to select the different types of letters using suction cups, remove the protective wrap on the rear, attach them to the car by applying the required pressure, remove the protective wrap on the front and deposit it in a recycling bin.

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