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Quarta, 26 Junho 2019 23:03 | Actualizado em Sexta, 14 Agosto 2020 22:38

Tips for carefree driving this summer

  • People make many more short trips on holidays, and their complacency  can increase the possiblity of accidents
  • Summer habits can be risky and lead to fines
  • A car is no place for flip flops, swimsuits or inadequate postures
  • An interior temperature of 35 °C can affect driver reaction times, so it is advisable to keep the passenger compartment cool and ventilated


Europe is preparing for the first heatwave of summer. Sunshine, free time and dozens of trips to the beach or swimming pool. Many of these take only a few minutes, but road safety experts warn of the dangers of these short trips, especially due to driver complacency. Several typical summer habits should be avoided because they are risky and could also lead to fines. Below are seven tips for carefree summer driving.


No flip flops or swimsuits:  Typical beachwear is not suitable for driving. For example, not only do flip flops diminish a driver's control of the pedals, but they can also get stuck in them and hinder the ability to react. In most European countries they are not expressly prohibited, but driving with them on or even barefoot can lead to a fine as this may limit freedom of movement. Drivers should always wear ergonomic footwear that fits properly.

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