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Domingo, 23 Junho 2019 11:40 | Actualizado em Terça, 28 Julho 2020 08:38

Five concept cars that shaped the future

  • Showcars map out the design lines of future generations of cars, but they have also set mobility trends
  • SEAT's historic concept cars have paved the way in the areas of electric and connected vehicles or for the rise of SUVs
  • The IBE, the Tribu or the electric Toledo for the Barcelona Olympic Games are prominent examples


Concept cars are generally described as design exercises that shape the future. They are a perfect opportunity for designers to let their imagination run free and sketch the silhouettes of cars to come. There is some truth to this, as concept cars do show what future street models will look like. The following five SEAT creations are evidence of this. 


An Olympian electric car: 1992. While Barcelona scrambled to prepare for the Olympic Games, SEAT engineers were busy on their own milestone event. Their exciting challenge was to come up with an electric vehicle to guide the Olympic flame torch relay and the Marathon event. The result was an electric Toledo equipped with batteries weighing 500 kilos and featuring a range of 65 kilometres. “While not strictly a concept car, this prototype showed in the early 90s that other propulsion systems were possible”, recalls Isidre López, who is responsible for SEAT's Historic Car Collection.

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