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Domingo, 02 Junho 2019 23:31 | Actualizado em Quarta, 05 Agosto 2020 03:08

SEATSeeking ‘Tech Lover’, ‘Digital Ninja’ or ‘Business Genius’

  • The company challenges students in their final year of university or postgraduate studies to demonstrate their talent with the Kickstart Challenge initiative
  • More than 120 participants show their skills with the goal of joining the company’s programme
  • The selected candidates will spend 6 to 12 months in the different areas of SEAT
  • SEAT strengthens its position as an innovative benchmark employer with this inspirational session



SEAT held its Kickstart Challenge today, an event where the company gave students in their final year of university or postgraduate studies the chance to demonstrate their talent, with the aim of selecting professionals to join the Kickstart programme. Over 120 young people, of the more than 360 who took interest in the event, showed their skills by performing several dynamics, solving specific challenges around the future of mobility in areas related with technology, business or the digital world.


The Kickstart Challenge has been designed to evaluate talent in action based on a novel methodology that adds value, both to the candidates and the participating SEAT tutors, in order to connect with talent via a unique experience using a disruptive format. Those selected will vie for a spot in Kickstart, a programme for trainee Bachelor and Master students involving a 6 to 12 month stay in several areas of SEAT.


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