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Domingo, 26 Maio 2019 18:35 | Actualizado em Sábado, 01 Agosto 2020 20:59

Gassing up for the King's Cup

  • The trophy is transported to Benito Villamarín stadium in a Compressed Natural Gas car
  • 595 kilometres from Madrid to Seville at a cost of only 21 euros
  • Only one refuelling stop was necessary thanks to its 400 km range on CNG
  • CO2 emissions decrease by 25% compared to a petrol car



Everything is ready for the final. The Cup is now in Seville, waiting for the new champion to raise it in the air this Saturday. While FC Barcelona and Valencia Football Club prepare for the match and the fans debate the outcome, the trophy has left Madrid, travelling 595 kilometres in a gas powered car to Seville, taking advantage of the trip to verify the savings in fuel and emissions featured by a vehicle of these efficient characteristics.


Starting line-up: The sterling silver cup, weighing 9 kilos and standing 78 centimetres tall, is about to leave the Spanish Royal Football Federation headquarters in Madrid. It will be transported in the boot of a SEAT Arona TGI, the world's first SUV to feature this alternative fuel.


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