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Quinta, 16 Maio 2019 10:39 | Actualizado em Quarta, 12 Agosto 2020 22:22


A day in the life of an electric scooter

  • 60% of all trips made by car are under 8 kilometres and electric scooters are a growing alternative in metropolitan areas   
  • They are now a widely used means of transport in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona or Madrid
  • Users of the SEAT eXS KickScooter save time and money thanks to this new form of personal transport



Urban mobility is changing radically. Today, 60% of all journeys are less than 8 kilometres and a growing number of people choose to combine various means of transport with personal mobility vehicles such as electric scooters and skateboards. In major cities such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona or Madrid they are already a common form of transport; it is estimated that in Spain alone there are more than 26,000 on the streets.


Four months ago, pastry chef Jairo Borox added a SEAT eXS KickScooter to his daily routine. He uses it to travel more than 400 kilometres every month and saves 60 euros in transport costs. This is how he spends his day with his electric scooter.


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