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Segunda, 14 Maio 2018 21:18 | Actualizado em Sexta, 18 Setembro 2020 05:07

Frame range

Wunderlich offers frame protectors for Boxer models

Wunderlich Frame range

 The central design of the current Roadster, Sport and Adventure Boxers from BMW is unmistakeable. The mandatory bridge frame with a trellis design connects behind the distinctive boxer engine. As lightweight and durable as this frame is, it has one main drawback: the pipes end in unsightly openings. Not only are they rather unattractive, they get dirty quickly and corrosion nests form.

Wunderlich, the BMW accessory specialist, knows to prevent this in the long term. The Sinzig-based company uses high-quality, resistant covers made of a special, black hard rubber material to close the visually unappealing frame openings and to significantly contribute to the preservation of the boxer models’ value.

The reliably positioned cover frames are available as a complete 11-part set for the current R 1200 GS, or as a three-part set for the current R 1200 R and RS. [...]

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