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Domingo, 18 Março 2018 08:29 | Actualizado em Quinta, 13 Agosto 2020 03:36

Wunderlich works

Effective drive protection for BMW's Boxer

Wunderlich Kardanschutz

( The rear drive housing and joint on the BMW Boxer models is unprotected against everything that might come from beneath it. A high curb, a raised stone or just an everyday stone chip on a gravel road can cause expensive damage to the light metal housing on the rear axle drive.

BMW accessory specialist Wunderlich knows to prevent this. The team from Sinzig delivers extreme effective protection for all current water-cooled Boxers that has already amply proven itself on- and off-road. The slim and discreet construction of stainless steel is 3 mm thick and black powdered. Mounting is easy and involves zero changes to the vehicle.

The drive protection is completely Made in Germany and comes with a five-year guarantee.

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