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Sexta, 12 Janeiro 2018 14:35 | Actualizado em Quinta, 13 Agosto 2020 09:34

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New tank-sidebags for the GS by Wunderlich

New tank-sidebags for the GS by Wunderlich

This basically applies to every motorcyclist: You can never have enough room for luggage. Therefore Wunderlich has come up with an idea. The specialists for motorcycle accessories treat the liquid-cooled R 1200 GS to two tank-sidebags, which can be attached in a few simple steps with LOXX quick-fasteners.

The original cover-screws are simply exchanged for the supplied screws with LOXX-System. The robust and dimensionally stable bags can then be securely fastened within seconds. The are made of water-resistant, fluorcarbon-impregnated CORDURA-fabric with a dust- and water-resistant zipper.

The tank-sidebags can be mounted with and without a tank protector and perfectly align themselves to the line of the crashbar. They are completely Made in Europe and are delivered as a set for both sides including a 5-year warranty for EUR 119.90.

The tank-sidebags can be ordered under part number 20811-000 at. [...]

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