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Sexta, 14 Dezembro 2018 09:45 | Actualizado em Sexta, 18 Setembro 2020 08:28

Innovation pressure vs. in-circuit test

Implement design modifications quickly and easily

Differences such as missing or added components are displayed directly in the layout with the Compare Boards function.

If a product is improved or obsolete components have to be replaced, these changes will affect every process in electronics manufacturing. From solder paste printing to assembly, inspection, and testing, none of these steps will remain unchanged for long. In-circuit testing (ICT) is often a major challenge for redesigns. While the nail bed tester now delivers unbeatable cycle times, the fixture technology also makes it less flexible. The performance of a test system within a production line therefore depends not only on the cycle time, but also on the time it takes to setup design changes.

Solder paste printing, mounting, and soldering are quickly adapted to a new design. For example, a new solder paste stencil can usually be produced within one day. The mounting machines do not create a bottleneck either thanks to their distinct set-up stations. [...]

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