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Sexta, 25 Outubro 2019 20:29 | Actualizado em Segunda, 03 Agosto 2020 01:31

Nobu Yamanaka recreates the spirit of Team New Zealand for the Asian Le Mans Series

Having made his Asian Le Mans Series debut last season, Nobu Yamanaka is returning to the series with Eurasia Motorsport for the 2019-20 campaign. Now with considerably more experience, Nobu will race a new look car to be entered into the LMP2 Pro category.
Nobu is keen to demonstrate through his race programme the strong bond between the Japanese’s long-standing business relationships with the country of New Zealand - where he still continues to trade - the many friends he has made along the way, and the crossover through his business interests to support New Zealand racing drivers both at home, in Japan, and globally over the last two decades.
This led to the choice to recreate ‘Black Beauty’ the New Zealand entry into the A1GP Championship which Nobu’s company was proud to support in 2005/6. Now Nobu’s own international motorsport adventure sees his Ligier JSP 217 Asian Le Mans challenger recreate the look of the ‘Black Beauty’.
Subsequently, each round of the championship will feature drivers from Japan and New Zealand with Nobu joined by Masataka Yanagida, Nick Cassidy and Dan Gaunt.
Cassidy is unable to compete in the opening round due to his commitments in Super GT Japan – where he is aiming for the championship - and his seat will be taken by Yanagida, who will also sub for Nobu Yamanaka at Sepang.

Nick Cassidy
  • 2019 – Currently second in Super Formula Japan – Vantelin Team TOM’s
  • 2018 – P2 Super GT Series GT500 – Lexus Team KeePer TOM’S
  • 2018 – P2 Super Formula – Kondo Racing
  • 2017 – Champion Super GT Series GT500 – Lexus Team KeePer TOM’S
  • 2016 – P4 FIA Formula 3 Europe – Premat Powerteam
  • 2015 – Champion Formula 3 Japan – Petronas Team TOM’S
Dan Gaunt
  • 2018 – P1 Bathurst 12H GT3 Cup – Grove Motorsport
  • 2018 – P3 Mount Panorama Production Sports Car
  • 2017 – P1 Bathurst 12H GT3 Pro-Am
  • 2017 – Porsche Carrera Cup Australia
  • 2011 – V8 Supercars
  • 2008 – P3 Porsche GT3 Cup
  • 2006 – Champion Toyota Racing Series New Zealand
Masataka Yanagida
  • 2016 – P3 Asian Le Mans Series – Team AAI
  • 2012 – Champion Super GT Japan GT500 – Nissan GTR Mola
  • 2011 – Champion Super GT Japan GT500 – Nissan GTR Mola
  • 2010 – Champion Super GT Japan GT300 – Nissan GTR Hasemi Motor Sport
  • 2003 - Champion Super GT Japan GT300 – Nissan GTR Hasemi Motor Sport
Nobu Yamanaka

“I'm pleased to come back to Asian Le Mans Series in 2019/20 with Eurasia Racing New Zealand. It is so exciting to team up with Daniel Gaunt and Masataka Yanagida for the opening event in Shanghai and stepping up to the LMP2 Class. Nick Cassidy will join the team after the first round, so I'm looking forward to the forthcoming season with the team.”
Dan Gaunt

“The recent test was great, and it was nice to have two solid days alongside Nobu, Nick, Masa and the rest of the Eurasia Team.  I feel prepared and ready for the first round in Shanghai and extremely privileged to have the opportunity to race with such a great package.” 
Nick Cassidy

"It’s always nice to drive new cars and test in a low-pressure atmosphere when getting know a new team and drivers. For me it’s my first time in LMP2 but looking forward to driving with Nobu, Masa and Daniel this season. It should be a lot of fun and I hope to be able to help them out wherever I can with my experience."
Masataka Yanagida

“I was very happy to drive my first LMP2 in the tests!  The high downforce machine was fun and obviously quick, and it was a very successful test. I'm really looking forward to racing with Nobu, Dan and Eurasia Motorsport in Shanghai!”

山中信哉は、Asian Le Mans Seriesに「Team New Zealand」を再現し挑戦します。

昨シーズン、Asian Le Mans Seriesにデビューした山中信哉は、2019-20シーズン、Eurasia Motorsportと共にシリーズに戻ってきます。より多くの経験を積んだNobuは新型のレースカーでLMP2 Proカテゴリーに参戦します。
これは、Nobuの会社が2005/6年に掛けてサポートしたAI  GPニュージーランド・チーム”Black Beauty”の復活につながります。今、Nobu自身の国際的なモータースポーツにおけるチャレンジ、Asian Le Mans 参戦車両のLigier  JSP 217のカラーリングに、この”Black Beauty”が再現されます。

チャンピオンシップの各大会においては、日本とニュージーランドからのドライバー、”Nobu”、そして、”柳田真孝”、”Nick Cassidy”、”Dan Gaunt”によって構成されます。
山中 信哉  Nobu Yamanaka

「2019/20 Asian Le Mans Seriesに”Eurasia Racing New Zealand”として戻って来られることを喜んでいます。LMP2クラスにステップアップして初戦の上海大会では Daniel Gauntと柳田 真孝とチームを組むことにとても興奮しています。また、Nick Cassidyは第1戦以降にチームに加わるので、私は、Eurasiaチームと共に、来るべきシーズンを大変楽しみにしています。」
Nick Cassidy
柳田 真孝  Masataka Yanagida

「テストでLMP2を始めて運転したのは大変うれしかったです! 高いダウンフォース・マシンは楽しくて明らかに速かったです、そして、それは非常に成功したテストでした。私は上海でNobu、Dan、そして、Eurasia Motorsportとともに挑戦するレースを本当に楽しみにしています!」
Daniel Gaunt
Dan Gaunt

「先日のテストは最高だった。Nobu、Nick、MasaとEurasia Teamメンバーと実りのある2日間が持てたことは素晴らしかった。私は、初戦の上海大会に向けて準備が出来ていると感じているし、このように最高のパッケージでレースに参戦できる機会を非常に光栄なこと思っています。

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