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Mundial - 24 Horas de Le Mans


Segunda, 19 Fevereiro 2018 21:13 | Actualizado em Quarta, 23 Setembro 2020 19:41

Esperemos que não fique pelo papel como o LMP1...

Our 424 electric car is ready to be built.

I can tell you that the 424 will deliver. I want the 424 to become and remain the fastest electric racing car. All I can do is make sure the design is right. So I have spent the last few months detailing the car, integrating the electric powertrain, optimising the architecture. It is very rewarding to see the result but really what I want now is to build it!

What is special about the 424

The 424 is more than a racing car. It is a project shared publicly, it is a way for me to say "hey, look, it is good to share our data, show our talents, and speak about what we do to improve the world everyday."
For example the design of the car is already shared online. This is only a beginning and much more will be shared once the car exists.

Our program

The first step will be to go on various tracks around the world and set new electric records. I cannot wait! Then we will work towards our ultimate goal which is to race at Le Mans 24H and eventually win the race, with our electric car, as an open and global team. Cool!

Some technical details

The 424 uses 3 Formula E motors (2 at the rear and 1 at the front) to make it one of the most powerful electric car (750kW). Yet it remains light with a total weight of 1200kg. The battery itself weighs 400kg and is mounted inside the chassis in the middle of the car. We install the battery from underneath and recharge the car between runs. Top speed will be 355 kph and acceleration to 100kph will take 2 seconds.

What's missing?

We need to find our main sponsor for the project. Some really good people are helping me but it is not easy. How long will it take to secure our main sponsor? I don't know but one thing I know is that we need to build our first car soon so we can show how fast it is! Because other manufacturers are going to join this race shortly. So let's do it! Let's find our sponsor!

What can you do to help?

Simple: keep talking about Project 424, forward this message, post the images on the internet, make some noise

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