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Quinta, 17 Junho 2021 21:20 | Actualizado em Segunda, 25 Outubro 2021 20:43

CUPRA joins the touring car racing revolution competing in the PURE ETCR

  • CUPRA, in partnership with Zengő Motorsport Team, participates in this new championship with the CUPRA e-Racer, the world’s first 100% electric racing touring car
  • The team will be competing at the wheel of two CUPRA e-Racers for victories in the PURE ETCR, driven by Mikel Azcona, Jordi Gené, Mattias Ekström and Dániel Nagy
  • PURE ETCR has been created to showcase the potential of electric technology in motorsport, with short and exciting races


CUPRA is taking an important role in the transformation of motorsport into a new, more sustainable, innovative and equally exciting era. It was the first car manufacturer to announce its participation in Extreme E last September, the 100% electric SUV championship competing in locations affected by climate change. And now CUPRA is entering a new phase for touring car racing, participating in the PURE ETCR.

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