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Segunda, 29 Abril 2019 09:20 | Actualizado em Sábado, 19 Setembro 2020 17:17

Glauco Solieri (Antonelli Motorsport Lambo) takes revenge
in Race 2 at Paul Ricard

The Italian benefits of the misfortunes of the VSR Lambo of Liberati-Koller to win

Vincenzo Sospiri Racing takres 2nd with Brazilian pair Mauro-Toni, who wins in Am and now leads in overall standings

Basso-Salas (Sports& You Mercedes) 3rd and winners in Pro-Am

Silver honours for Pujeu-Salom (Teo Martín McLaen)  

Glauco Solieri won a very lively Race 2 of the GT Open Cup today at Paul Ricard. After the bad luck of yesterday, the build Italian Am expert driver, alone at the wheel of his Antonelli Motorsport Lamborghini Huracan SuperTrofeo, had a trouble-less Sunday, but benefitted also from the trouble hitting yesterday’s winning VSR Lambo. “Everything was ok today and I could build a nice strategy, knowing the rivals had handicap and knowing also that I could push more if needed”, he said after the podium.

Second again today was VSR’s Brazilian pair JP Mauro-Rodrigo Toni, who now lead the overall standings, while Márcio Basso-Guilherme Salas (Sports&You Mercedes) were third and first in Pro-Am. Guillem Pujeu-Faus Salom (Teo Martín Motorsport McLaren) won in Silver.

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