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Quarta, 31 Julho 2019 07:17 | Actualizado em Sexta, 07 Maio 2021 05:26

Team WRT showered in closing minutes at the Total 24 Hours of Spa after fighting again for victory

It was a Total 24 Hours of Spa worth of the legend and epic of that unique race, full of events and incidents, including a 5.30-hour suspension of the race because of the weather conditions, and it was one of frustration for Team WRT, deprived of a very-well deserved top-5 finish in the closing minutes, when the Audi Sport Team WRT #1 car of René Rast-Nico Müller-Robin Frijns, who had led the race in two distinct phases and had been in contention for victory almost until the end, was sent out of track by another car.

It was a sad blow for the entire team, whose #2 car (Dries Vanthoor-Alex Riberas-Frank Stippler) also had its share of trouble from a contact it did not cause, while the Belgian Audi Club Team WRT-entered machines took P12 with Charles Weerts-Rik Breukers-Norman Nato and P5 in the Silver Cup with Shae Davies-Paul Petit-Alex Mac Dowall.

Despite the disappointment, the team fought up-front the entire race, saw its four cars classified  and proved once again to be a player that can’t be ruled out in the world’s greatest GT3 race.

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